These are my guiding principles as I approach the opportunity to continue to serve the voters on the JCCC Board of Trustees:

  • Johnson County Community College is a leading institution in the country. Build on its strengths and improve where possible.  Innovation and efficiencies are key components of successful higher education in the 21st century.
  • The future of Johnson County requires a continued commitment to excellent public education opportunities for all of our citizens, from kindergarten through advanced degrees, and JCCC must provide that high quality excellence, whether a student is seeking to move on to a four-year degree, needs certification for a specific skill, or is simply improving his or her quality of life through continuing education offerings.
  • Educational opportunities should meet the needs of our county, including the needs of existing businesses seeking a well-educated, prepared and well-trained work force and the potential needs of business we seek to attract to our communities. JCCC is a vital component for economic development and job growth for us and our children.
  • JCCC must remain creative and flexible enough to respond to changing economic challenges, demographics and job markets.
  • The taxpayers of Johnson County are entitled to a college that is run as efficiently and smartly as possible, from the Board of Trustees to the President to all employees, faculty and staff. Students deserve the same consideration in order to get the maximum value from their education at the most reasonable price.
  • A high quality of life in the future will mean more than just great streets and roads, excellent public safety, superior schools and good jobs - we need to create an environment that attracts the technological, cultural, educational and entertainment amenities that allow us to continue to compete with metropolitan areas around the country and the world. Simply being "good" will not be good enough.

If I am successful in this campaign, I will continue look to these principles to guide my decisions as a member of the Board of Trustees. I will inform my decisions by listening to friends, neighbors, students, faculty and citizens.