• Greg is willing to listen to and learn about the matters that affect the Community College.  He has proven that since he was first elected in 2011.

    Laura McConwell
  • Greg can balance educational goals with fiscal responsibility to create common sense solutions which will allow our Community College to continue to thrive into the future.

    Laura McConwell
  • Greg Musil is the definition of a public servant. I'm proud to lend my support to Greg Musil for JCCC Trustee.

    Ed O'Connor
  • Greg's unselfish dedication to this community has been demonstrated by his service as a City Councilman, by his service to the Chamber of Commerce and by his support of numerous community issues that affect the lives of every one of us.

    Ed O'Connor
  • Greg has been a visible and effective civic, political and charitable leader within our community. His leadership is still needed to contribute to the growth and development of JCCC and our county.

    Bob Reginer
  • In a time when jobs and the economy are critical, the exceptional education provided by JCCC is important to economic growth, and Greg Musil is the leader to take JCCC forward.

    Mary Birch
  • It is my honor to support Greg Musil as a candidate for the JCCC Board of Trustees. I have known Greg for 24 years and I have been truly impressed with his proven record of leadership within our community and throughout the state of Kansas.

    David Lindstrom
  • Greg clearly demonstrates a willingness to invest the necessary time, talent and energy to improve the quality of life throughout Johnson County and the state of Kansas.

    David Lindstrom
  • Greg's personal and professional skills, his honesty, intelligence, thoughtful and common sense approach serve his constituency very well.

    David Lindstrom
  • It is without hesitation that I strongly recommend Greg Musil to the JCCC Board of Trustees.

    David Lindstrom
  • JCCC is a unifying link in our County, helping to connect education, jobs and a high quality of life for all citizens. Greg brings a broad perspective to the Board, will ask the right questions, and will work hard to keep JCCC a high quality institution.

    Mike Boehm
  • Johnson County's high quality of life, good jobs and safe streets were built on the legacy of people like Greg. His commitment to public service will always be strong. I'm glad he's my friend and a candidate for the JCCC Board.

    Jill Gerlach
  • My dad loves helping people, whether it's through a charity, Rotary International, the Heart of America Humane Society, or public service. If I hadn't moved to Indianapolis for my pediatric residency, I'd be voting form him on April 7!

    Elizabeth Musil
  • I grew up knowing my dad was on City Council and I was proud of him. I'm now old enough to vote and can't wait to vote for him on April 7!  And I'm asking you to vote for my dad, too.

    Madeline Musil
  • Greg Musil understands that JCCC is an important economic engine for Johnson County.

  • Doug Firebaugh
  • Greg Musil's dedication to his community and to prudent governance is not just a recent phenomena. He has proven it at every stage of his life. It is a record of tremendous consistency which speaks for itself.

    Bryan and Lou Ann Biggs
  • Greg has a tremendous passion for this community. His understanding that education is driving force for economic development prosperity in this County is unparalleled.

    Tom Mitchell
  • Greg has worked past political differences of the past. He has served leaders to help make good policy across this state. Where we disagreed was always based in principle and never personality.